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Fitness-for-duty screening may overlap with the EAP in principle in that each is identifying problem employees based on objective criteria.

In order to maintain a safe working environment, a policy has to be Drug free workplace evaluation essay to guide the behavior of employees with regard to drug use. This sampling of data provides some flavor of the difficulty of producing statements with any sort of precision regarding the drug abuse problem in the American workplace.

The range of EAP coverage is from Alegent Health Tobacco-Free Policy.

Drug Tests for Job Applicants: If You're Asked to Take a Drug Test

The responsibility of supervisors of detecting and managing substance abuse issues in the work place was given to the security, employees and managers. Employees who violate the policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Sample Drug Free Workplace Policy, In order to maintain a safe working environment, a policy has to be formulated to guide the behavior of employees with regard to drug use. The interest of treatment centers in providing services to EAP-referred drug abusers, as well as the increasingly visible presence of promoters of drug screening, contributed to the growing salience of drug abuse issues among EAP service providers, including both internal EAPs and external organizations providing EAP services on a contract basis.

Given the apparent potency of these forces, what accounts for the absence of wide-spread adoption of workplace programs to deal with drug abuse in the early s? It is not correct, however, to infer that these demonstration projects or contract support emanating from NIAAA were the direct precursors of the large number of specialized, freestanding alcoholism treatment centers that arose during the s.

It would appear that many critical "ingredients" were present, yet there is little or no evidence that corporate America was ready to implement these interventions on a large scale. Discussions would describe the use of drugs as coping mechanisms and impugn large-scale social change in America as the genesis of such extremely stressful conditions.

The employees are supposed to be referred to the assistance program if found not able to handle their drug misuse situation.

Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Essay Sample

Utilization of such assistance remains at the option of the employee, although it is evident that a degree of coercive pressure may characterize the encounters with the EAP as well as the earlier encounter with the supervisors.

Implementation of the performance-based strategy automatically transformed the focus of programs from alcohol abuse to all nonwork factors that could affect job performance. An additional element—routes for access by patients covered by health insurance—was necessary if alcoholism treatment paid for by third-party payers was to be utilized on a large enough scale to be a cost-effective addition to the health care system.

A plan is then formulated to make sure that the program is successful in its mission. EAPs also serve a broad "self-referral" function in providing a reactive mechanism in the workplace to respond to employee-initiated requests for personal assistance.

This was followed by a New York Times article in October describing the establishment in New York City of referral centers for drug-abusing union members as well as the initiation of a campaign to encourage the negotiators of union contracts to include health insurance coverage for the treatment of drug problems.

He then states that "it does not seem to me necessary for an industrial plant to set out a drag-net for minor disabilities or minor addictions" p. This is training on testing employees that abuse the drugs, what disciplinary actions are necessary, and if no disciplinary action not taken, then the employee is referred to employee assistance program.

Several substances are always abused for example alcohol, the use of cocaine in the workplace, marijuana, and many others. There were, however, a series of developments between the early s and mids that are somewhat important in understanding current policy and the organizational environment surrounding drug abuse in the workplace.

The imagery of the alcohol-troubled person in the immediate post-Prohibition era was the skid row bum. Without an adequate survey data base, it is difficult to evaluate the success of NCA's efforts in terms of public attitude change by the end of the s.

One of the major advantages of methadone was its presumed facilitation of the addict's entry into the work force and his or her movement back toward respectability. The focus in this paper is on the responses to perceived problems with drug abuse in the work-place.

Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Paper Essay

Alegent Health Company This is a health care company that is sponsored by the Catholic health initiatives. The services we offer are quite diverse and our focus is on constant improvement in safety, quality and productivity. Effective ways to communicate include written materials, charts, meetings, question-and-answer sessions, and a suggestion box.

In this research effort, supervisors who received training lectures about troubled employees in general were significantly more likely than subjects who heard lectures about alcoholic employees to report that they would take action regarding hypothetical subordinates with alcohol problems Trice and Belasco, However, many companies have made drug testing a requirement.

This move coincided with the new occupational group launched with NIAAA funding, the occupational program consultants OPCsand the importance of their having an identifiable and distinct ideology as well as a set of theoretical principles to guide their work Blum, To ensure employee support of the program and avoid legal problems, make confidentiality a priority and spell out the penalties for anyone who violates it.

Drug abuse has been an ongoing problem that has plagued America. References Agency for International Development. Roman and Terry C. This policy is based on the fact that tobacco is one of the causes of preventable death, and the company as a health care provider, has to take action towards ensuring the visitors, patients, physicians and employees are protected from harmful effects of second hand smoking.

It is assumed that a focus on the social and organizational responses to an issue not only elucidates the form and effectiveness of those responses but also provides a crucial context in which to consider the definition of the problem.

Tobacco as had been indicated, is one of the causes of death due to second hand smoking. More importantly, it brought to the alcoholism field many times the resources than had previously been available.Below is an essay on "Drug Free Workplace" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Drug Free Workplace Evaluation Drug Free Workplace Evaluation Drug use has become a staple in our society. Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation According to the United States Department of Labor, “Employers and employees should work together to examine each component and design a balanced, fair program suited to the unique needs and challenges of the workplace.

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Essay on Drug Free Workplace Evaluation Drug-Free Workplace Melissa Matson, Kenesha Shipman, Hope Greenwood, Cathy Imschweiler, Amy Turner PSY/ November 2, Barbara Nosal Drug-Free Workplace There are several policies an organization can adopt when enforcing a drug-free workplace.

Please note: The Department of Labor ended the drug-free workplace program in Accordingly, it does not currently administer a “Workplace drug testing” advisory web page and is not responsible for the content of the linked sites.

The second compliance requirement of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of states: establish a program to inform employees of the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace and the availability of drug counseling, rehabilitation. The following policies and procedures provide the operating principles for Human Resources at The Ohio State University and supersede any prior policies.

Each policy has a “Resources” section that provides contact information; related policies, forms, and publications; and other relevant information.

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Drug free workplace evaluation essay
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